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There are a variety of competitions held throughout the year for members of all capabilities and experience. An RGA Committee member is responsible for the competitions. They will provide information about each competition prior to the event so that archers can register for them. This is done via email, the RGA Facebook page or on the calendar within the website.

Competitions are shot based on age classes, except for Novice Class.

Youth: For those aged between 8 and 21 years. Most competitions split the youth category into various age groups such as U11, U14, U16, U18 or preteen/teen.

Novice: For those of any age who have been shooting at competitions for less than 12 months or have not shot in an ANZ competition yet.

Senior: For those aged 21 - 49 years.

Masters 50: For those aged 50 - 64 years.

Masters 65+: For those aged 65 years and above.

Click on the title of each competition below to find out more information and rules for each.

River Glade Archers Based Competitions

The following competitions are held at RGA ranges, even though some are a part of another Association's competition.

Winter & Summer Postals

The Winter Postal competition can be shot at either Graham Park or at the indoor range in Cambridge. The Summer Postal is shot at Graham Park only. Both postals allow archers to shoot the round as often as they like within the month and then submit their scores to the appropriate competition liaison person at RGA. Scores are then posted into either ECBOPAA (Eastern Central Bay of Plenty Archery Association) or ANZ (Archery NZ) depending on which competition you choose.

Summer Postals are Canadian 900 style events (30 arrows shot at each distance of 55m, 45m, 35m) so they are a good for slightly more experienced archers.

Winter Postals follow the indoor criteria. Senior/Master archers shoot 18m, Youth shoot 14m or 10m.

Royle Hutton and Vera London. Both of these competitions are shot on Waitangi Day. They are held concurrently, so you can submit 1 score for both competitions. (i.e. if you are an ANZ member, you can shoot the Vera London and submit that score for the Royle Hutton as well).
The Vera London is an ECBOPAA event so all RGA members are allowed to compete;
The Royle Hutton is an Archery NZ event, so you need to be an ANZ member to compete.

ECBOPAA Indoor Championships

This event is a multi-venue competition. We hold our event at the Indoor Range in Cambridge. Archers from around the country are able to shoot at the RGA Indoor Range should they wish to.

Recurve and Compound Roundup

An intermediate level competition held near the end of the summer season. This involves shooting over set distances according to Class to rank the archers. Following the ranking round is Matchplay (one v one knockout competition, eliminating archers each round until the final 2 archers compete for the gold medal).

Regional Mini Tournaments (RMT)

These are a great introduction to how major tournaments are run. They are organised and run by the club at various times throughout the summer.

Competitions from Associated Clubs

Check the Archery OSA website for the latest events and competitions happening around the country. The listings can vary month to month so does need to be checked regularly.


Based at one of the ECBOPAA clubs annually. Another good introductory level competition. It is a Murrumbeena style event - All adult classes shoot 37m distances, Youth and Novice class shoot 14m or 25m.


North Island Championships


National Outdoor Championships

Held in various cities around the country, typically around the Easter school holiday period. All archers are able to participate in this event, providing they are Archery New Zealand members.

National Indoor Championships

Held in various cities around the country, typically around August. All archers are able to participate in this event, providing they are Archery New Zealand members.

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